Thursday, November 27, 2008

Soo much going on considering I am ment to be on holiday

Wild Cruizey - who is getting a makeover today lol

Alot Happened in a short time!!

First, Rip lil Silas. :( Atleast you can be with your horse mum now, even tho your human family loved you like nothing else.

Second, SCHOOL OVER FOREVER!! It is thee best feeling in the world! I can't believe it is finally actually over!!!

Third, They cut + baled the paddock!!! YAY! Now I have somewhere to ride! I just hope the grass takes off before another drought sets in :(

Fourth, Got me the most awesome job working for wonderful lady and with amazing horses! (Bowie!!) Had my first day yesterday, I mucked up a bit, and learnt soo much. The major thing I learnt was I knew NOTHING about horses lol. Oo And Broodmares are not ordinary horses lol!

Fifth, my bro gets back from Canada today, where he has been for the past year lol!

Sixth, I an't spell sandwhich OMG I JUst spelt it!!! Actually! wow go me lol

Bowie Foal photos:
The cuttte lil chestnut colt, don't acutally know if hes named yet. Check out the eyebrow!

Jack (with the headlight) struting his stuff cos he owns the world lil jack does

Double Eyebrow!! Isn't she the cutest lil thing??? Bowies throwing eyebrows!! lol

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