Sunday, March 22, 2009

back from HOY

Basically, HOY frekn rocked.
My photos are frekn lame.
and my friend was killed in an accident while I was away.


ill update this later.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Yay! I took Cruize to morrisnville A&P today to do the dressage, and he was good! We wern't amazing ( and never are! lol) and it was unregistered, but he got 2nd in the 2.2 and 5th in the 1.1.
He rocks. He was nice and relaxed and even which is a first for a dressage day.
Thats it :D
Video link to test. We both suck and i no im a crap rider but still.
seach: 20090306222225 on youtube, the link wasnt workn

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I blog again!

Once again i forgot to blog (this time for a month! lol) not that it matters, my blogs r so dull no1 would bother reading them anyway lol.

In the last month:
I took Cruize to a friends place and he was relaxed/ok she got on and he went soo damn nice! its so unfair! I ride like a PC beginner/like i hav a carrot up my arse. I hate it!! So the next day i tried riding a bit more "relaxed" i looked like a hunched up patato sack. AGH (but he was dressed in white bandages so felt pretty flash)

Silly Cruize pulled a shoe of and went a but sore on it so I couldnt ride him for about a week.
BUT in that time the paddock finally got cut! So now i can see the ground (and after all the rain some GRASS is growing!).
Cruize also got his back done, aprently he had 2 vertabrae thingys (S something?) out.

So i hacked him for 2 days after he had a (nother) few days off because of his back and he was really good. Then i was really smart and entered dressage for this friday. WTF it was a year ago in april the last time i competed. (apart from 1 ribbon day!) And we dont do "dressage" atm we just slob around out on the road!
Anyway took him to adult riding last night and (stole friends saddle so i could jump) he went ok./ He was twisting a bit over the jumps so i was thinking o crap hes sore but as they got a lil bit higher (1m) he started jumping better. He was a bit of an arse over the bank a few times tho, I have no idea why! but thats ok we had fun.

OOO the most exciting thing is::: If i can get a fulltime job I am allowed to (lease) Roo (old pony) back off her current owner who is almost 17 so coming off ponies, as a paddock mate for Cruize!! how awesome will that be!! But its gunna b so expensive :( but thats ok its worth it cos Cruize is a bit moopy all by himself!
Thats about it.
OOo and Cruize can smile now too lol (I wil ltry get a photo of it sometime)
(man my blogs are sooo exciting)