Thursday, November 27, 2008

Soo much going on considering I am ment to be on holiday

Wild Cruizey - who is getting a makeover today lol

Alot Happened in a short time!!

First, Rip lil Silas. :( Atleast you can be with your horse mum now, even tho your human family loved you like nothing else.

Second, SCHOOL OVER FOREVER!! It is thee best feeling in the world! I can't believe it is finally actually over!!!

Third, They cut + baled the paddock!!! YAY! Now I have somewhere to ride! I just hope the grass takes off before another drought sets in :(

Fourth, Got me the most awesome job working for wonderful lady and with amazing horses! (Bowie!!) Had my first day yesterday, I mucked up a bit, and learnt soo much. The major thing I learnt was I knew NOTHING about horses lol. Oo And Broodmares are not ordinary horses lol!

Fifth, my bro gets back from Canada today, where he has been for the past year lol!

Sixth, I an't spell sandwhich OMG I JUst spelt it!!! Actually! wow go me lol

Bowie Foal photos:
The cuttte lil chestnut colt, don't acutally know if hes named yet. Check out the eyebrow!

Jack (with the headlight) struting his stuff cos he owns the world lil jack does

Double Eyebrow!! Isn't she the cutest lil thing??? Bowies throwing eyebrows!! lol

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


English went like crap lol Couldn't of been much worse.
Wrote 1 eassy out of 3 :( O well
Life goes on!
So I went and did some mroe of this - tho that was thismorning, trying not to think about Geo schl exam I have in an hour and a half.

You can't really study for Geo S, but I did get given some random helpful hints (On paper).
Turns out I left them at my friends place.
Good one me.
Cruize rocks.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just a little random bit.

Im avoiding studing for english exam this avo (bio done now)
but yesterday Cruize bucked me off!!!

He NEVER bucks (well never untill this years spring grass! He had a few random spazzes at my friends place) but He was just trotting along at AR, admittly a bid tense then bam! Im on the ground lol! That must be the like 4th time i've ever fallen off him! (that doesnt count the times I've gone to get on and gone all the way over lol that happens alot).
I was very shocked.
He never bucks like that - barely even in the paddock.
The rest of the time he continued on fine - still tense for the rest of the ride but it was good to get to ride aswell as be out of his paddock.

Random photo taken the other day . Helps to explain spring grass situation! (No hes not directly on that lengh of grass, but he can still get it accross the fence)
Bottom photo is a nice-ish trotting one. Typical crappy background tho. But then again, you can't see his legs in the rest of the paddock - its all glass! (I love him even if he is very downhill lol!)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Exam Tomorrow!

Dance! Dance lil Cruizey Dance!

School has finished for me forever YUUSSSS but I still have 4 exams starting tomorrow.
So today I decided I would study for my bio exam with Cruize - afterall he exhibits some random things we study in Bio, and he'd LOVE to know how he was made (the meiosis thing not the physical making of Cruize!)

I also decided to test his taxis responses. (I think I might be wrong here - but thats ok cos it sounds like im talking about bio)
These were both negative thigmotaxis and positive (foodness)taxis.
I don't think they actually were but thats ok:)

Anyway we did a few tricks, and I was testing out my cameras reaction speed time using the far away remote button thingy. It was really hard to get it at the point where Cruizes leg was the heightest, which is why i ended up with only a few photos.
Cruize was very good - I started off using a whip but he showed me pretty quickly he didnt need it. We even go a bit of piaff going for awhile. We also started some halfpass (he left the hindlegs still though) lol

Halfpass (with the back legs trailing)
Wild Gelding Cruize

Sunday, November 2, 2008

13 years at school and I still can't spell 'helmate'

Woops I totally forgot I had a blog! Maybe im not cut out for blogging?

Only 7 days left of school for the rest of my life!!
For this reason my poor horse i practically being neglected ATM.
He is barely being ridden, as I am rushing through unfinished assignments to get much needed credits before school ends. I have exams from the 17 Nov till my last on the 26th. Only 4 exams for me, which is a heck of a lot less that most of my friends!

Because of this, my photography has practically been put on hold.

I have been looking forward to taking photos at Rotorua Horse Trials since I new it was on.
Didn't even get to go which SUCKED because I found out my graphics assingment is due on Tuesday. I started it on friday. Thats 4 days to do an assignment I have had around 70 days to complete. Shit.
I am getting there tho, and will have it finished by tuesday. Maybe even at a higher standard than my usual halfassed. YAY!

May be going to Oto ODE on the 23rd (to take photos) but it is in the middle of my exams so it will depend on how my study (I wonder what that means?) is going.

Here is a totally random photo of Cruize from summer. I call it the baywatch/yanking the poor bugger photo. (He actually was having fun I swear! It was just taken after I jumped a ditch and ran up a hill, then tried to stop him from taking off.)
For all you helmate people - I was wearing a helmate (I really can't spell. 13 years at school and I can't spell helmate!) for the most part of this ride.