Sunday, February 1, 2009


Went trkking up whitehall yesterday with friend Hannah and her horse Dawn (who spent the night in Cruizes paddock).
It was a really neat as trek and everyone was sooo nice but man
I had the most crazy damn hors eon it. He was headflickign and jogging the entire time! after 10mins he was dripping with sweat. By the end of the trek I had never heard him breath so hard or seen hi msweat so much!
He was throwing himself aorund going downhill, I had no choice but to let him go uphill because he would neither go sideways very quickly toward a fence, or throw himself around and nearly hit people. I feel bad cos i know he upset a few horses, and we hooned past quite a few people but I didnt have a choice! I had fun tho. And meet some really nice people! (e.g Sharon and her lovely palo mare who was awesome as, a dude with a mule [I want a mule!] and a lady from waikato hunt who was very engraging about taking him hunting. Apprently her horse is nuts on a trek but fine hunting. So maybe there is some hope for cruize?)
Thats about it. I have no photos and hannah got one but cruize and me look TERRIBLE lol