Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just a little random bit.

Im avoiding studing for english exam this avo (bio done now)
but yesterday Cruize bucked me off!!!

He NEVER bucks (well never untill this years spring grass! He had a few random spazzes at my friends place) but He was just trotting along at AR, admittly a bid tense then bam! Im on the ground lol! That must be the like 4th time i've ever fallen off him! (that doesnt count the times I've gone to get on and gone all the way over lol that happens alot).
I was very shocked.
He never bucks like that - barely even in the paddock.
The rest of the time he continued on fine - still tense for the rest of the ride but it was good to get to ride aswell as be out of his paddock.

Random photo taken the other day . Helps to explain spring grass situation! (No hes not directly on that lengh of grass, but he can still get it accross the fence)
Bottom photo is a nice-ish trotting one. Typical crappy background tho. But then again, you can't see his legs in the rest of the paddock - its all glass! (I love him even if he is very downhill lol!)

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