Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Exam Tomorrow!

Dance! Dance lil Cruizey Dance!

School has finished for me forever YUUSSSS but I still have 4 exams starting tomorrow.
So today I decided I would study for my bio exam with Cruize - afterall he exhibits some random things we study in Bio, and he'd LOVE to know how he was made (the meiosis thing not the physical making of Cruize!)

I also decided to test his taxis responses. (I think I might be wrong here - but thats ok cos it sounds like im talking about bio)
These were both negative thigmotaxis and positive (foodness)taxis.
I don't think they actually were but thats ok:)

Anyway we did a few tricks, and I was testing out my cameras reaction speed time using the far away remote button thingy. It was really hard to get it at the point where Cruizes leg was the heightest, which is why i ended up with only a few photos.
Cruize was very good - I started off using a whip but he showed me pretty quickly he didnt need it. We even go a bit of piaff going for awhile. We also started some halfpass (he left the hindlegs still though) lol

Halfpass (with the back legs trailing)
Wild Gelding Cruize

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