Thursday, December 4, 2008

Its offical

I had my leavers dinner last night. Offically the last time I will be surrounded by all those people. YAY!! lol

Cruize went lame for a day or 2, but is ok again now. Silly horse. I rode him for the first time in ages and he was actually really good. Can't wait to get him fit and get a jumping saddle!
Also ATM ive been trying to teach him to smile (for the last 3 weeks)
We had a break through last night. He picked up his lip without me touching it! Considering at the start he wouldn't even twitch it when I touched it - we have come along way! lol I am proud of myself for not giving up on this trick - like I have with so may others. So this "holiday" (not sure where it ends lol) I WILL teach him to stand on the box, spanish walk and bow with me on him - along with smile. Because just bowing and picking up his legs aint that impressive. Thats about it. :)

Cute lil palo. foal!! Born that morning

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