Friday, December 12, 2008

Cruize Kicks Ass!

Cruize over the wall

I forgot to update this last (thurs? I think) when me and a friend went to AR and were jumping the lil XC jumps. Cruize hadnt jumped more than the odd Xrail at home for AGES. Anyway, first jump I did in the dressage saddle (I don't have a jumping one) and I fell off lol!! So I did the rest bareback. Cruize jumped ANYTHING i pointed him at! He was great. he loved it too and was easy to stop! Also I only fell off one more time over a random jump that he took off too early then did a funny ump so thats ok lol

BUT even more exciting!! Yesterday me and Gina went to LVF to ride (i've never actually ridden there before, and only been there once) after Gina rode (her lovely big mare) she let me use her jumping saddle (Gina rocks!) which didn't fit too badly. Considering poor cruize is incredibly unfit, he did pretty well. Was a bit silly and wanted to go round with his head in the air, but was jumping good (ish). He stopped at a few things, which was totally my fault because I wasnt commited. But anyway gina made me jump a few things I would never even consider!! lol! She took frikn awesome as photos, so now I finally have some cool as photos of cruize jumping!! I think i'm going to have to go out there more often.

ALSO!!!! Cruize is apprently AUSTRALIAN!!! I thought he was by Famous Star out of starring, but apprently hes not. So hopefully going to find out who my Cruizeamas's real parents are lol

(picture overload sorry lol)

Wuss going over tyers
Over the SJ - which looked big to me! lol maybe not as big now
Cruize over the wall
Cruize XC canter
He jumped a lil jump and saw a cowpoo so started spazzing. I stayd on tho lol
Wuss over the ditch. Look at the donkey ears!
Over the trakana (however its spelt)
Over the mumma log! OMG it was HUGE lolOver the mumma log again

Over the log by the water. He wouldn't jump it from the other way (I kept wussing out lol)
Through the LVF sign. Ive always wanted to jump thru something like that!
Apart from the fact I look like I have a carrot up my ass I like the photo lol!

The lil tyers, me totally over jumping but thats ok they are only small lol
Over the lil log. I think I stopped riding at this stage lol
Akward donkey jump into the water
Through the water

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