Friday, January 23, 2009

I rock at blogging

Cruize and his amazing jumping style. Id love to send this in to Dale Paterson lol!

Actually I suck at keeping up to date with blogs. Its not like my life is busy anyway lol

Well since the beach, Cruize has done a few trips out. Hes been for a sleep over at a friends then to a ribbon day, then for a ride at another friends then to adult riding then friends again + a few more adult ridings and heap0s of road rides. Not much training or anything going on about now lol Also Cruize found his twin. The only difference is a slight age gap (4 years) cruize has an extra pathetic back sock and he the twin is a slightly darker bay.

We went to ham light horse club ribbon day after changing my mind weather or not to go so many times. Anyway i made the effort to plait him and my friend made as change to the open ring (we were in senior improver) cos it was too crowded. But turns out i would of looked silly in the improver one anyway lol and the senior was alot more fun with lots of nice adults in it not snobby teenagers (ikk) lol. Anyway Cruize was a totaly tosser but I only wanted a ribbon (he hasnt got one for like a year so I thought he needed one) and he ended up (a few tantrums and terrible jumps later) with Reserve champ. I think the judge thought he was young and learning lol if she knew he was 10 and was normally 10x better behaved and was just acting like a tosser she wouldn't of given it to me lol! But im not complaining haha got a nice sash for him (a few days early i was saying how he had barely any while friend had about 1000 lol)
Forgot to mention his crappy jumpign style which there is a photo of down there. That is why i say he has a crappy style - cos he does!! lol

Anyway took him to friends house today and she was going to give me a lesson but we really ouldnt be bothered so I just jumped him bareback - I am wearing jodz but they are banana coloured so it looks like im not lol! It was fun. He was being an ass after the jumps but thats ok lol thats about it

Cruize with his twin Robin. In real life they look alot more alike!

Cruize over brick wall
Cruize an my stiding sucks. Either too early or too late lol
This photo is way cooler when yo ucan see my face. I look sooo scared lol
Odviously he thinks he is more capable than 60cm jumps

Cruize with his reserve champ at ribbon day
Cruize looking pissed off but his legs are even for once lol

Cruize looking all nice an innocent at the ribbon day. He was actually being an ass

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