Wednesday, January 7, 2009

At the Beach!

Me and Cruize are back from the beach were we have been for the last 2 weeks.
We went over on xmas eve, (he travelled really well) and he was given unlimited (beach)grass by the lovely owners of where he grazes (they are incredibly nice people!!!)
We didn't gallop too much cos he is unfit but had heaps of long walks to hopefully now i can really get him back into it again without having to puddle round my boring paddock for too long lol will wrtie more later
here are some random photos. They arn't that great but still. The other person in them is my friend emily and her horse ace who came over for a bit too

The smartest man in the world - chasing horses with a windsurfer, DUMB ASS

Cruize looking like a mammoth next to my mum
Cruize and Ace looking good - Cruize wasn't actually,

It was mid head fling lol!Swimming in the chanel

Cruize and AceThe water looks so nice!
Cruize suddenly stopped moving and I nearly feel off going down a slope lol
Galloping so damn fast the splashs are still there from a few strides ago

I think they should have dressage in water. Cruize moves 10x nicer lol

Hunter Cruize

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Talisman Farm said...

Looks like a heap of fun Kate and Cruize is looking lovely :o)