Monday, June 1, 2009

Cruize jumping

Check out the knees! Cruizey trying very hard with Gina on

umm lots of grass being eaten lately... not much happening. I have been taking him down to adult riding a bit to muck round and he has been good even in the stupid wind.
Roos been good to and has finally figured out that head butting me won't get her food!

I took Cruize to stpeters today and something clicked in his head that made him jump like a proper horse! for the first time ever he was jumping with his legs even(ish) and wasnt hanging his shoulders on the ground! I was very proud of him. Also was proud of him for jumping a single box (normally our aim is not good enough!) Gina jumped on and he went so much nicer than he ever goes for me and he tried really hard for her when he jumped! thats about it :) and some photos (thanks to Gina!)...

Cruizes normal jumping style
His newly discovered style!

The single (lengh) filler trying over the oxer with even knees!
Cruize havn' a great time with Gina on him

I look so serious and he looks so cute!

Not quite as good as before but hies still not dragging on the ground like normal

Cruize doing a big leap for Gina
Cruize over the brush


FeetNZ said...

He looks great!

Michelle said...

Dude im so jealous of you and cruize! you guys rock!