Monday, September 29, 2008


After following I don't know howmany other blogs I decided to start my own. Not that is will be anywhere near as exciting as other peoples, but thats ok. :)

Cruize (pictured) is a 11y/o TB gelding (Bright bay) who I got when he just turned 8 (In August 2005) ((Shoot I didn't realise it was that long ago!) Basicly we just muck around. He has the most terrible jumping style, piegon toes and a slight dish, makinh im pretty much as untalented as they get.

He apprently won both of his trials as a racehorse though, and then got sold and never had a real race.

I won't be competing much this season due to trying to get my photography going ( but if I do it will only be dressage days (hoping to get over 65% in novice - which would be a big achievment for us) and training level eventing.

Cruize does have a few things going for him.He is incredibly quiet and loveable, more bulky than your average TB (making him a bit more striking) he has a half decent head, and he can do tricks! He currently bows and picks up all legs on command (working towards spanish walk). I am hoping to teach him to ly down (eventually) but I think I will skip the teaching him to rear. I'm not that stuipd. :) He is taught with the use of clicker training, which he responds to so well.

I might just follow his clicker training on here. That will keep me motivated. :)

Thats about it I think. I don't think i'm too good at this blog thing. Am I ment to split that up into sepreate blogs? lol

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